It is understood by microfilm, the result of the reproduction process in a photographic or electronic, in different degrees of reduction means film, documents, data and images.




The documents are scanned and indexed so as to facilitate control and location;

After capturing and organizing information is stored on microfilm;

Documents are stored permanently and are protected and preserved against change and technological change.




  • Prevents deterioration of documents and eliminates the risk of loss of assets;

  • Thwarts the action of counterfeiters;

  • Durability guaranteed by ISO and ANSI standards for about 500 years.

  • Microfilm is not affected by obsolescence of digital systems because its image is analog;

  • Images are scanned and made available in media with high quality standard.




  • Space saving - above 95%;

  • Elimination of conventional files;

  • Microfilmed document has the same value as the original paper document;

  • Backup - guarantee against loss;

  • Judicial support - Law 5,433 of 08/05/1968;

  • Streamlined in information retrieval.