The file is an important tool to control the business of any company. Every activity issues documents that must be preserved.


The file organization, especially when integrated into a system of procedures, grants more efficiency to the company's activities, offering right information, to the right person at the right time, reducing waste of human, material and financial resources.




Planning - Identify the real situation, the basic necessities, the environmental conditions and the needs of users;

Definition of physical space - Choose the location to store the file, measure the needs of their suitability, both physical and structural;

Life Cycle - is the organization of documentary production and the identification of documents in relation to the guard time;

Methodology of organization – It is the classification of the documents, the control of the access, the safety of the information and its final destination;

Team training - To ensure continuity of File System implemented.




  • Disclose what has been done, what is to be done and the results;

  • Reduce re-work;

  • Taking advantage from lessons learned;

  • Find good partners and good suppliers;

  • Evaluate the project in parts and as a whole;

  • Transmit orders and teach how to do;

  • Free time to enjoy the life.




  • Superior quality;

  • Lower cost;

  • Best deadline.