BDOCS is a company focused on the management documentation to company of any kind of business, offering simple solutions that meet the expectations of the customers.


If the questions below afflict you, so you need an effective and efficient solution for management document and processes.


  1. Do you lose contracts due to miss of documents?

  2. Are the costs with warehouse of document considered excessive?

  3. How much your company expend with document copies?

  4. Is your organization facing problems to manage the documentation of employees?

  5. Do you attend the requirements of your internal and external customers?

  6. Is there any difficulty to search a document important for decision making?

  7. Are you looking for ISO 9001 Certification?


BDOCS is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.




The Information is the greatest asset of an organization, so manage then efficiently and simply, makes all the difference. The rest is paper.




Being the reference on managing corporate documentary in the coming years.




Ethics, Transparency, Discipline, Excellence, Motivation, Leadership, Quality and Respect for people and the environment.